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The Graduate...

Last week I completed my 200 Hour Teacher Training. In my living room. On Zoom. Necking a glass of bubbly whilst staring into a computer screen filled with the tiny squares of my teachers and classmates certainly wasn't how I thought this adventure would end. But instead of feeling disappointed, I felt grateful, grateful to not only have had the course to focus on during lockdown, but also thankful for the teachings that had been instilled in me over the last six months. The words 'non-attachment' rang out at me in particular. Was this the graduation I thought it would be? Hell no! But here was an opportunity to start practicing what I'd been taught (not preach, never preach).

We cannot control the world around us, we can only control our reaction to it. The pandemic has been a brutal reminder of this fact. We can choose to be consumed by the chaos of the world, we can ride the wave, or as we have seen in the last few weeks with the BLM movement, we can be active. I am unbelievably grateful to the friends who kept nudging me to train as a teacher, thankful to the incredible teachers who guided me during the course, and I feel beyond privileged to have trained with some of the most interesting, kind and funny peers who are all starting on their own journeys now. And now comes the real learning....

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